Tried and True Testing: The RSpec Way

This week we powered through week 5 at Flatiron. Once petrified by the typhoon of fresh terms, further abstracted concepts and a growing number of triple-letter acronyms being added to my vocabulary, I am now fully embracing all things Ruby, SQL, and Sinatra.

RSpec image

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Winning Arguments.

Parentheses are a subtle to include information in literature. They group numbers together in math equations, trail behind long organization titles in news reports, and even distinguish between an area code and a person’s unique telephone number.

When we switch gears into Ruby, parentheses are no longer representative of a polite nudge like they once were to us. Sitting alongside a method, they’re now considered powerful argumentation.

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Mimic Metz. Speak Matz.

While many of us hate to admit it as adults, learning brand new skills requires a healthy dose of duplication to get past the beginner hurdles. If we think back to elementary school when we noticed a classmate copying our finger painting stroke-by-stroke or repeating what we say word-for-word, it was obnoxious and downright confusing.

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